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Giants Tentatively Scheduled For Visit To Yankee Stadium In 2013

Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the San Francisco Giants are scheduled to make their first trip to the new Yankee Stadium in September of 2013, marking the first time since 2002 they've squared off in New York, and just the second time since the Giants moved to San Francisco.

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The tentative schedule has the Giants staying in New York for a whole week next September to take on both the Yankees and Mets. Obviously with the scehdule change interleague play won't be relegated to just May and June but all year round. The NL West will take on the the AL East in 2013 interleague play

Back in 2002 the Black and Orange lost two out of three at the old Yankee Stadium. You may remember Barry Bonds hitting an upper deck shot off Ted Lilly that series.

The complete schedule should be released sometime next month.

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