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Warriors GM Bob Myers Elucidates Comments About Mark Jackson, Roster

When Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers speaks about the condition of the team, outsiders are going to pick about each and every word to try and find some hidden context. Which is exactly what happened when he told reporters that it fair to tell his coaches "to go forward and do well with this group of players."

Here is CSN Bay Area reporting:

On the surface, what Myers said wasn't a big deal - nothing more than a GM talking optimistically about his team in the offseason, and throwing in there that the coaching staff now had better players to deal with.

But his comments blew up a little bit, and many interpreted them to mean: If the Warriors don't make the playoffs, Jackson will get fired.

Of course, that's not exactly what Myers said.

Myers made sure to call head coach Mark Jackson and smooth things over, noting that ‘we all have something to work with now' not just him and his coaches. Jackson, being the logical human being that he is, figured out right when Myers said it that it wasn't a jab at his job security, but a notion that the team is finally better (on paper).

"I want to win and the thinking is, give me a roster where I have some accountability rather than having a roster where nobody thinks we can compete.'"

Myers and Jackson reportedly had a laugh about this afterwards. Glad that all got settled.

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