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Madden NFL 13 Ratings: Challenging and Honoring San Francisco 49ers Player Ratings

The Madden '13 demo has been officially released and with that debut, SB Nation's James Brady was able to release the ratings for the San Francisco 49ers. After reviewing them, some left me enthused while others just seemed misinformed, lazy ratings choices.

There was certainly an expected overall jump in the team's rating (89) from the 2010 season to the 2011 season. What San Francisco did last year by winning 14 games and making it to the NFC Championship game could not go ignored. However, when it got down to really analyzing lesser known individual players, EA Sports struggled a bit.

Below we'll breakdown the selections the creators at EA hit on, and identify others they missed.

Too Low:

Kyle Williams, WR - 69 Overall

I think Williams was being sold short on this one - his physical abilities alone should put him above a 70. He has speed, agility, acceleration and solid hands as a receiver. When he was asked to step up during the season when the 49ers had injuries, San Francisco kept winning.

The Madden creators no doubt had the NFC Championship game in mind when rating Kyle Williams.

New Rating: 75

Bruce Miller, FB - 77 Overall

Miller had an incredible rookie campaign, and that's without considering his transition from collegiate defensive end to professional full back. He excelled at the position, learning in a shortened league-year and winning the job from veteran Moran Norris. Miller has a high ceiling going forward, given how he performed in his first year.

He was the starting lead blocker for the league's 8th best rushing attack in 2012. And with a new stable of diverse backs, the NFL should take notice of Miller's versatility as blocker, and even a receiver out of the backfield.

New Rating: 84

Andy Lee, P - 95 Overall

It doesn't get more consistent or more impeccable than Andy Lee. It's not that a 95 rating is bad, but for a player that has mastered his craft as well as Lee has, the All-Pro punter should have the highest possible rating.

For a punter, he is a very important and highly valued member of the 49ers. San Francisco just rewarded Lee with a six-year, $20.5 million contract.

New Rating: 99

Ring of Honor:

Ray McDonald, DT - 92 Overall

It was incredibly nice to see McDonald receive such a rating. As a backup player, he has fluttered in the low 70's since he entered the league. McDonald took on a starting role in 2011 and exceeded expectations in his first year. Haloti Ngata was a defensive lineman that had this rating in Madden '11, so it's saying something.

Donte Whitner, SS - 88 Overall

Whitner, like McDonald, was someone else fans could have expected to be snubbed - but they weren't. I think Whitner's rating suits him. It's a solid grade that allows him room to improve. But it's as solid as a rating as safeties get in Madden; pass rushers, wide receivers and running backs typically have an abundance of 90+ players, and strong safeties not so much.

Mike Iupati, LG - 91 Overall

Iupati deserved to break 90 and he does in Madden ‘13. He is one of the league's most ferocious interior linemen, and plays an intricate role in the 49ers successful ground attack. As a former first rounder, Iupati has proven to be a great acquisition for the future of this 49ers offensive line.

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