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Brandon Inge Injury Update: Athletics OF Headed To 15-Day Disabled List

Brandon Inge is headed to the disabled list, having earned the respect of everyone associated with baseball. Simply put: Inge is one tough dude.

Against the Chicago White Sox on Saturday, Inge dislocated his shoulder diving for an infield hit by Alex Rios. He then promptly popped it back into place and finished the game. Inge hasn't played since.

The Oakland Athletics' Twitter account announced Tuesday that Inge has been placed on the 15-day disabled list. The team has called up Josh Donaldson from Triple-A Sacramento to serve as his replacement.

Poor Donaldson has a big sling to fill after what Inge just did, and in the regular season, at that. Inge let his teammates know that if he can, he's going to be on the field. That's all players want from each other -- the knowledge that their teammates will be there for them if they can.

Inge can't right now, but at least his teammates know that it's due to a doctor's orders and not Inge's own.

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