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Oakland Raiders Preseason 2012: Terrelle Pryor Disappointed In His Play

Terrelle Pryor and a football field had become unfamiliar with one another. And the result was that of a former star trying to get back into the good graces of a place he once called home.

"I'm angry at myself," said Pryor to CSNBayArea. "I don't think I played well. I thought Matt (Leinart) played great. I thought Carson (Palmer) played great. I thought everyone else on the team played great. I just think I played like dog crap.

"So I'm mad about that, about how I played today. So I'm angry and I'm going to come back stronger next week."

Pryor played the entire second half of a 3-0 loss to Dallas in the preseason opener. He finished eight of 15 for 50 yards, sacked twice and picked off once.

Pryor's coach, Dennis Allen, wasn't as hard on his young quarterback as his young quarterback was on himself.

"I was pleased he was able to get out there and get some reps and get some experience," Allen said. "Obviously, we have to do a little better job getting in and out of the huddle, and getting the play snapped a little bit sooner, but those are all things that can be corrected."

Starting next week.

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