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Alex Morgan Dancing To Spice Girls At Closing Ceremony

So the Spice Girls performed at last night's Olympic games, to the derision of about everyone over the age of 30. I'd include the people in their twenties, except while they were probably deriding it while secretly singing along to the lyrics. Bad pop music has been around forever for a reason.

Just remember, before there were Spice Girls and N'Sync, there was Menudo and New Kids On the Block. Bad music has been around forever, but we keep on listening to it because it's a catchy tune for our developing teenage minds, and we will listen to the same songs over and over, and the CDs and songs end up getting bought, and money is made, and the cycle repeats it.

So you know how easy it is to love Alex Morgan forever and ever? Here she is in the Closing Ceremony, bobbing and weaving to "Spice Up Your Life". She was probably about seven years old when this song came out, and she probably was one of those kids who became a Spice Girls addict back in the day. She don't care about none of y'all's opinions, she's got a gold medal!

(Click on image to view animated image)

Spice up your life, haters.

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