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Madden NFL 13 Demo: 49ers Vs. Giants Rematch Featured

As the NFL season approaches every summer, football fans everywhere not only get excited about their favorite team returning to the field, but also the annual release of Madden.

One of the most successful gaming franchises in history, Madden allows gamers to run their favorite team, make trades, sign big-name free agents and even create your own quarterback, linebacker or wide receiver.

The Madden NFL 13 demo is going to be released next week. Two games will be playable on the demo, including a rematch of last year's incredible NFC Conference Championship Game.

Fans will remember last year's showdown between the 49ers and Giants was one of the more memorable playoff games in recent history. The 49ers put themselves in a position to win and earn a Super Bowl bid, but a muffed punt return from Kyle Williams and a lack of execution late led to a devastating 20-17 loss.

Thankfully for the 49ers, that game is in the past and they can only look forward to the coming months as the regular season begins. And for you folks planning on downloading the Madden 13 demo, it's your chance to get your revenge.

Here is a video preview of what's to come in the game. You can also play with the Seahawks and Redskins. H/T to Pasta Padre for the link.

The demo is scheduled to be released on August 14.

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