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Giants Vs. Rockies Final Score: San Francisco Plays Horribly In 3-0 Loss

In one of the most frustrating games of the season, the San Francisco Giants were held to a three-hit shutout at the hands of the Colorado Rockies on Friday night. The Rockies won a 3-0 contest in a game where the Giants failed to execute on nearly every level.

Rockies starter Tyler Chatwood was effectively wild to start the game, walking Angel Pagan en route to throwing six straight balls to lead off the game. It looked like the Giants were getting ready to feast on the Colorado pitching, but Pagan made a beyond-ill-advised steal attempt on a 3-1 pitch to Marco Scutaro and was gunned down. That was pretty much the last time the Giants were in the game.

That's an exaggeration, of course, but without Buster Posey in the lineup, the Giants looked like they were confused as to whether to swing the bats at the junk that was coming across the plate or find a pouch of colored sugar and use them as Fun-Dip sticks. They probably would have been better off going the Fun-Dip route.

The Giants were held to three hits against Tyler Chatwood. Two of the hits were from Brandon Crawford and one was from Brandon Belt. In the Giants' next-best opportunity in the fifth inning, the Giants had runners at the corners with one out. Tim Lincecum struck out swinging and Crawford was thrown out attempting to steal second base on the same pitch to end the inning. Fans began looking for things to jam in their eyes.

If there's a silver lining (there's no silver lining), it is that Lincecum had another quality start. He gave up three runs on six hits and two walks in seven innings of work. The Rockies scored on a pair of RBI singles and a sacrifice fly.

Oh, and the Dodgers won. They're now tied with the Giants for first place once again. Let's never discuss this game again as long as we live.

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