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Previewing the Oakland Raiders Roster: OLB Aaron Curry

The Oakland Raiders have a history of giving up huge plays in the run game, and a big reason for that is the play of their linebackers. Aaron Curry was brought in mid season last year when the Raiders traded a seventh round pick to the Seattle Seahawks. However, despite the addition, the Raider continued to struggle and will open the 2012 season with linebacker being their weakest position group.

Last Season: When Curry was traded to the Raiders, his play improved almost automatically. Whether it was the new surroundings, a different coaching staff or just the fact of not playing for a team that wasted a first round pick on him, Curry was a much better player in 2011.

Big Question: Can Curry continue to develop and become a better player? Despite his improved play in 2011, Curry still has a lot of improvement needed in his game. He still found himself out of position at times and was the goat on a few big plays in the run game.

Projection: Curry has not been able to practice yet in spring training due to an injury, so it is hard to tell whether he will continue to improve his game. But with that being said, the Raiders should have a much improved defensive scheme in 2012 and Curry is an athletic freak of nature, so if he can put it together, he has the tools to be a monster on defense.