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Jeremy Lin Rumors: Knicks Prepared To Match Offer From Rockets

Jeremy Lin was a nobody this time last year, and now he's one of the more coveted restricted free agents around. After an incredible debut with the New York Knicks last winter, Lin injured his knee and missed the rest of the season and the playoffs. Many felt that Lin would remain in New York, but the Houston Rockets have become very interested in re-signing the player they let go of just a few short months ago.

Here is the latest on Lin and what the Knicks have planned for their starting point guard.

Following the news of Jason Kidd signing with New York it would be a dream scenario for Knicks fans to have Lin study under Kidd for a season or two, but that's only if they can withstand the financial hit. While they don't have much money to spend, the Rockets have a ton of it.

It appears Lin will make a final decision in the very near future. Stay tuned.

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