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Jeremy Lin Rumors: Knicks Will Hit Luxury Tax If Linsanity Signs Rockets Offer Sheet

Jeremy Lin has a decision to make. Does he do something that will undoubtedly secure his financial future, or does he reject it and stay with the franchise that gave him a chance to become a phenomenon on the court?

It's clear the Knicks are ready to match any offer sheet that's thrown at Lin. But the Houston Rockets are going very high. So high that they might very well force the Knicks to hit the luxury tax. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports has more on the subject.

Houston's multiyear offer to Jeremy Lin includes back-loaded money designed to hit the Knicks hard on the luxury tax, sources close to Lin said. The Rockets' offer comes as the Phoenix Suns reached agreement with Goran Dragic on a four-year, $30 million contract. The Rockets stopped bidding on Dragic, refusing to go as far as the Suns did.

The Knicks have publicly and privately indicated they plan to match any offer for Lin.

The luxury tax is not a good thing for the Knicks, who could end up losing one or two of their stars in the near future and decreasing their competitive ability in the Eastern Conference. However, New York currently has no point guard to count on going into next season, and retaining Lin is just as much for his basketball skills as it is his marketing ability in the Big Apple. Lin's decision on whether to take that sheet could loom large on New York's cap flexibility going down the line.

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