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Jeremy Lin Rumors: Knicks Plan To Match Rockets Offer Sheet

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin wasn't expected to have a protracted free agency, The Knicks figured to be the team that would re-sign the Palo Alto breakout star and keep him in the Big Apple. However, he is looking around this offseason and at least forcing New York to consider how much they'll have to pay to keep him.

The Houston Rockets have made a pretty solid deal to Linsanity that will really force the New York Knicks to try and match and dip deeper into their coffers. Marc Berman of the New York Post files this report.

Meanwhile, Lin’s potential signing of a Rockets offer sheet will make it extremely costly to bring back Lin.


Multiple sources said the Knicks will match any Lin offer sheet, but unpredictable owner James Dolan has the final say and frets about luxury-tax implications.

The Knicks don't have all that much cap space, so you have to think that as much of an impact that Linsanity makes in New York, the price tag at trying to keep him as a player might not be worth it, particularly when New York is aiming to get Steve Nash at the same time. Still, it'd be pretty form for New York to let Lin go, even if it is Dolan.

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