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Jeremy Lin Rumors: Houston Rockets Try To Entice Linsanity From Knicks

Jeremy Lin isn't expected to have a huge free agency period. The New York Knicks will do everything in their power to make sure their phenom guard ends up right back in Madison Square Garden next season.

Nevertheless, he is a restricted free agent, which does afford him the freedom of movement to take a look around the NBA landscape. So it definitely drew some attention when he decided to visit the Houston Rockets this week. Now it looks as if Houston is going to offer him quite a significant amount of money to make him think a little bit.

Of course, the Knicks can match this deal. So don't expect the Knicks to lay down and let the Rockets take Lin away from them, but Houston is going to have to make New York break the bank to ensure Linsanity stays in the Big Apple. That definitely won't make it easier for the Knicks to sign stronger free agents, which will make Lin's job all the more formidable if he returns to New York.

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