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Pac-12 Preview: Stanford Cardinal Must Replace Andrew Luck [VIDEO]

Pac-12 football in the Bay Area has a history of being very good. With new revenues coming into play through the Pac-12 Network and a new TV deal, the California Golden Bears and Stanford Cardinal are very excited to move into the next era of their programs.

In 2012, the Cardinal will have to focus on replacing star quarterback Andrew Luck. The team as a whole is expected to be very good, led by talented running back Stepfan Taylor. This being said, if projected started Brett Nottingham doesn't perform well, it's tough to see Stanford going very far.

The California Golden Bears have renovated their home stadium and are looking to become a perennial power atop the conference. The biggest issue for Cal last season: consistency. One week the offense would be nonexistent, the next they'd look like a juggernaut. If coach Jeff Tedford, who some believe is on the hot seat, can find balance and a consistent approach each week, the Bears could be a sleeper to win the North Division.

We have a preview of the other Pac-12 teams after the page jump.

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