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USA Rowing: Erin Cafaro Highlights Crew Athletes From Bay Area

Erin Cafaro, Mary Whipple and Zach Vlahos are some of the major rowing athletes participating in the London Summer Olympics.

Bongarts/Getty Images

The United States will be well-represented with Bay Area athletes in the 2012 London Olympics. There will be plenty of California Golden Bears and other representatives from the region. Here's a look at all the athletes participating.

  • Zach Vlahos hails from Piedmont and attended school at Cal and will be the coxswain on the eight-man crew team. Silas Stafford went to school in Stanford and originally hails from Santa Ros and will also be on the eight man crew.
  • Mary Whipple is from Sacramento and went to school in Washington. She's the coxswain for the women's eight.
  • Erin Cafaro attended school at Cal and resides in Modesto. Cafaro has won a gold medal already in Beijing as a member of the women's eight crew and she'll be returning as a member of the eight boat in hopes of a repeat title.
  • Julie Nichols went to school at Cal and hails from the Oakland area. Nichols will be competing in the lightweight women's double sculls.
  • Kara Kohler is currently attending Cal and will be participating in the women's quadruple sculls.
  • Anthony Fahden is from Oakland and went to school in Dartmouth. He'll be rowing in the lightweight men's four event.
  • Scott Gault hails from Piedmont and attended the University of Washington. He's participating in the men's four.

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