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USA Track & Field - Jeneba Tarmoh Moves Past 100 Meter Debacle, Gets Ready For Relay

Jeneba Tarmoh is one of the Bay Area track stars competing in the London Olympics. Michelle Carter, Jillian Camarena-Williams, Keshia Baker, Jessie Williams, Kibwe Johnson, Shannon Rowbury and Alysia Montano are also participating.

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There are a host of track and field individuals competing in the 2012 Olympic Games that hail from the Bay Area.

Jeneba Tarmoh hails from San Jose and went to college at Tennessee and Texas A&M. Tarmoh is most famous for taking herself out of the 100 meter runoff and allowing Allyson Felix to take her spot. Tarmoh is likely to be one of the members of the 4 x 100 meter relay though and has been practicing her handoffs since the trials.

Here are some of the other track stars.

  • Michelle Carter from San Jose attended school at Texas and will be competing in the shot put.
  • Jillian Camarena-Williams is from Woodland and went to school in Stanford, and will also be competing in the shot put.
  • Keshia Baker is from Fairfield and went to school in Oregon. She'll be part of the relay pool.
  • Jessie Williams is from Modesto and attended NC State. She'll be participating in the shot put.
  • Kibwe Johnson came from San Francisco and will be competing in the hammer throw.
  • Shannon Rowbury also hails from the city by the Bay and is a participating in the women's 1500 meters.
  • Alysia Montano went to school at Cal and is one of the favorites in the women's 800 meters.