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London 2012: Opening Ceremony Tape-Delayed In Bay Area, No Online Stream

The London Olympics will be watched by almost everyone around the world live! It's one of the grandest spectacle in sports, full of wonderful pageantry and cultural endeavoring by the nations involved.

Except if you're in the United States. And especially if you're on the West Coast, where you will be approximately eight hours behind everyone else. The Olympics will start at 7:30 p.m. on the West Coast, but the East Coast will get it at 7:30 their time too, so we'll be even further behind in coverage (Olympics opening ceremony gets going at 9 p.m. London time).

NBC has dedicated themselves to streaming the entire Olympics online using the world's international feed, so you'll be able to see almost every event live without a hitch. Every event except the Opening (and probably Closing) ceremonies, where you'll have to wait like every senior citizen who doesn't use the Internet. Ryan Hudson of SB Nation explains the situation.

"We are live streaming every sporting event, all 32 sports and 302 medals. It was never our intent to live stream the Opening Ceremony or Closing Ceremony," said the NBC spokesperson when reached for comment.

"They are complex entertainment spectacles that do not translate well online because they require context, which our award-winning production team will provide for the large primetime audiences that gather together to watch them. We will be providing clips and highlights of each ceremony online so viewers know what to look forward to in primetime on NBC."

So, basically, NBC will be tape-delaying a tape-delay for all of us to enjoy. It's your last vestige of a horrible, horrible past where every Olympic event was taped.

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