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Kings' Thomas Robinson Disappoints At Las Vegas Summer League

These awards, of course, are never official. But they do create a sense of where players stood in terms of their performance at the Las Vegas Summer League. You'll have players come out of nowhere with breakout performances and you'll get a chance to see some heralded rookies up close for the first time.

Too bad Thomas Robinson's first time out for the Sacramento Kings didn't go too well.

ESPN's Zach Harper gave Robinson his unofficial ‘Most Disappointing Player' award for his performance during the summer league. And sadly, it's pretty well deserving.

Robinson shot just 34.4 percent from the field and 53.8 percent from the free throw line while coughing up the ball to the tune of 4.8 turnovers per game.

Robinson made a lot of claims that due to his college production, he should have been the first pick in the draft. Only way to rectify his ‘falling' to the Kings at no. 4 is to outplay his draft position.

This isn't a good start.

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