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NFL Offseason Grades: Niners Handed A 'B', Raiders Grab A 'C-Minus'

Though we're stuck in the doldrums of the offseason where news is slow, players are away on vacation, and teams aren't doing much in terms of making moves or changing depth charts, the NFL media show must go on. Like the obligatory post-NFL-Draft grades you see from everyone, it's that time of the year where offseason grades start popping up. SportsIllustrated got the ball rolling and released their grades on Wednesday, and gave the Oakland Raiders a C-Minus and the San Francisco 49ers a B. Find out why, after the jump.

• Oakland Raiders: Oakland sat out Rounds 1 and 2 of the draft, so only so much help will come from the rookie class. And the Raiders had to shed a bunch of contracts just to get cap-compliant, so it may be next offseason when we can fairly grade this summer's work. But in the short-term, Oakland did not get better, though Mike Briesel was a solid addition up front. The losses of Routt, Chris Johnson, Michael Bush, John Henderson and a boatload of others will resonate. Grade: C-minus

My thoughts? Pretty tough to nail a draft when the prior regime traded away all your picks.

• San Francisco 49ers: The Niners are still thin on the defensive front, but they addressed just about every other concern - unless you count QB, where Alex Smith reigns again. Between Mario Manningham, A.J. Jenkins and Randy Moss, the WR spot should be improved. Brandon Jacobs is an odd fit for the offense, but he at least gives Frank Gore some help. Keeping Dashon Goldson around was important. Grade: B

More of my thoughts? Like they said above, QB remains the main question mark, and the Niners did briefly pursue Peyton Manning, but elite QBs don't grow on trees. The Niners have done just about everything you could ask them to over the offseason.