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British Open Odds 2012: Tiger Woods The Prohibitive Favorite

Shocking to believe that it's Tiger Woods again leading a major field in terms of overall chances of winning, but there he is. Woods has been looking pretty good the past few months, and that is probably what ended up propelling him back to the golfing forefront.

According to whatever sportsbook you frequent, there's a good chance you've got pretty low odds for Woods overall and particularly compared to the rest of the field. Woods has odds of 7.5 to 1 from JustBet Sportsbook, 7.75 to 1 from 5Dimes, and 8 to 1 from Bovada. This is probably not the best bet to make (there's way too much saturation) unless you are 100% confident that Woods will win the tournament. If you are, ride with it.

With regards to other golfers with Bay Area ties, Nick Watney is a nice value bet if you feel good about him. Those three sportsbooks have him at 65/1, 100/1 and 50/1 respectively. John Daly is much more of a longshot, with 350 to 1 in one book and the other at 150 to 1. Tom Watson has a huge disparity which have odds listed on him; one book has 200 to 1, the other 725 to 1.

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