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Jeremy Lin Rumors: New York Knicks Refuse To Reveal Their Hand

The Jeremy Lin saga is reaching its climax. Where will he end up? Will it be back to the Big Apple, or is he doing the Texas two-step.

The Houston Rockets have signed Lin to an offer sheet worth four years and 28.8 million dollars. The New York Knicks have yet to reveal whether they're going to match or not, and they're coming close to the vest.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports files this report.

On the eve of their deadline to match the Rockets' three-year, $25.1 million offer sheet for Jeremy Lin, the Knicks have yet to tip their hand. Multiple people involved in the process told Monday that New York has not communicated its intentions to Houston or to Lin's camp.

But there was a school of thought in league circles Monday that the Knicks matching the massively back-loaded offer for Lin should not be ruled out. Doing so would require that one of the Knicks' big salaries would have to be moved in the next two years or the team would face a potentially massive luxury-tax bill in 2014-15.

Lin is really in a no-lose situation. He's either going to get a big contract in Houston or New York and will be pretty well-set for the rest of his career. The bigger issue is with the teams involved. The Rockets will either have a phenomenon point guard or no point guard at all. The Knicks will either be stacked at the point or will have to rely on aging Jason Kidd and the slightly obese Raymond Felton.

We're getting a resolution soon though, as we've only got one day to go. All indications is that it could be Houston, but New York could make a last minute charge. Stay tuned.

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