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Alex Morgan and Natalie Coughlin Face Off For Best Body In Sports

ESPN Magazine's annual "body issue" came out recently, featuring amongst its tastefully nakedness the bodies of Olympic Soccer star Alex Morgan and Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin. Now ESPN is doing a slightly unofficial tournament of sorts for the very official title of Most Awesome Body In Sports, and the two California Golden Bear alums are going head to head in the women's bracket.


While this might be Coughlin's last attempt to claim this prestigious award, Morgan, at a mere 22-years-old, figures to be a mainstay in this competition for years to come, barring any extreme body tragedy or a new found addiction to the glorious Dick's Deluxe of her current residence in Seattle.


Coughlin will be partaking in the 2012 London Olympics as a member of the 4x100 meter relay team. The U.S. Women's Soccer team of course looks to rebound from their disappoint loss to Japan in the 2011 World Cup and reclaim the title as the best team on the globe.