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Jeremy Lin Rumors: Houston Rockets Offer Sheet Will Be Signed Friday, New York Knicks Three Days To Match

Jeremy Lin's free agency will come to a hilt this weekend, as he plans to sign the gargantuan offer sheet the Houston Rockets picked up for him. Then the New York Knicks will have to match to keep him, which everyone expects them to do. Howard Beck of the New York Times has more on the Lin situation.

You have to figure Lin took some time to sign this offer sheet to help the Knicks come up with the right offer to appease him. Lin already knows he'll probably be back in New York next season, so he probably just wanted to make sure he got the right offer to match his overall value.

There's a lot for Lin to look forward to returning to New York, like being the starting point guard for a Knicks team with three All-Star caliber players and a legend in Jason Kidd to back him up. The future looks bright for Lin regardless of what happens this weekend, as his financial future looks more than secure.

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