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Jeremy Lin Rumors: New York Knicks Will Keep Linsanity The Starting PG

There is almost zero doubt that Jeremy Lin will be back as a New York Knicks next season as they prepare to match the massive offer sheet the Houston Rockets have thrown his way. But a big question that loomed was whether Lin would still be starting or coming off the bench now that the elder statesmen of point guards Jason Kidd was coming to town.

Looks like that won't be much of an issue. Lin will be the starter to begin next season. Howard Beck of the New York Times has more.

Woodson took it one step further: Lin will be his starting point guard this season.

"You can’t lose your starting job based on injuries," Woodson said. "Jeremy was our starter before he got hurt. He’s not going to be punished for that."

It wouldn't surprise anyone to see Lin getting moved around from starting lineup to first man off the bench depending on his early-season performance as the starter. Lin had his rough spots his first season and needed some time to adjust to point guards once they picked up their game against him. However, if he can develop and grow into his starting position, he should be okay with help from proper mentoring from Kidd.

Lin has to feel pretty confident if players like J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler can all stay healthy at the same time. It's a pretty formidable lineup of big names, and Lin gets to play off of them and get the chance to perform at a high level.

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