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Jeremy Lin Rumors: Knicks Should Match Offer Sheet, Linsanity Denies Being Disgruntled

The Jeremy Lin rumor mill gets a little silly as the New York Knicks prepare to match the ginormous offer the Houston Rockets set on the table. The Rockets handed Lin a $28.8 million offer sheet that they knew the Knicks would match. The Linsanity phenomenon means too much to the team on and off the court.

Marc Berman of the New York Post files this report on what the Knicks have planned with regards to Lin.

The Knicks will officially match Jeremy Lin’s $28.8 million offer sheet from the Rockets as soon as Wednesday, when the NBA moratorium ends, thereby keeping the author of Linsanity at the Garden for at least the next three seasons.

The Knicks have 72 hours to match, but likely will take care of it today unless they get bogged down in the massive paperwork from all the other moves they officially can execute.

There were some rumors floating around the Internet that Lin wasn't happy with the way the Knicks treated him during free agency. The Knicks weren't the first ones to offer him a deal and the Rockets were the ones that were proactive in getting him the best possible deal for his team. But Lin was quick to refute any claims that he was angry with Knicks management on Twitter. The New York Post filed this story.

A published report claimed that Lin was displeased that the Knicks did not pursue him more aggressively and the Rockets, who signed him to a $29 million offer sheet, convinced the point guard they wanted him more.

"Lol why do u guys believe everything? No quotes from me = probably not true," Lin wrote in response to some Twitter followers.

Also, this has to be a good sign that Lin is in good shape with the Knicks organization as they get ready to match his offer sheet.

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