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Tour de France 2012: Di Gregorio Arrested At Team Hotel For Doping

Cofidis cyclist Remy Di Gregorio was arrested on Tuesday in a doping probe, as the Associated Press has reported. Judicial officials said two other people suspected of supplying the Gregorio with the dope were also arrested, one of them was arrested along with the cyclist in Bourg-en-Bresse, and another in Marseille.

Here is a statement from the Cofidis manager Yvon Sanquer at a news conference:

"(The police) have followed Remy's actions for a good while,'' Sanquer said. "If I had ever been aware or anyone else had been aware, Remy's time with the team would have been over the very moment when we learned of it."

Sanquer also said Di Gregorio's teammates reacted with a mix of "anger and devastation ... when I explained the situation to them, it was painful for them. There were tears."

Cycling has become notorious for its doping scandals, with riders from the most notable Lance Armstrong to others being linked to banned substance use.

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