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Jeremy Lin Rumors: Mike Woodson Says Linsanity Will Be Knicks Starting PG

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin seems to be recovering nicely from surgery on his torn meniscus that kept him from returning to action during the latter parts of last season. Lin could be a Knick next season, but there is a possibility he ends up on another team. Lin is a restricted free agent, and if New York doesn't match other offers, another team could swoop him up and take him if they feel like giving him more money.

Head coach Mike Woodson seems to be fairly high on Lin returning to the Big Apple, and no one else will be taking his spot even if other point guards get picked up for his team.

Lin coming back to the Knicks would really provide a modicum of stability going into next season, as much of the remainder of the roster is likely to be in flux. The Knicks could use Lin to ensure the basketball starts moving more smoothly on the floor, and help New York continue their upward improvement as a team.

The Knicks looked incomplete without Lin on the floor in the Playoffs. It just wouldn't be the same without him.

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