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UFC 147: Hope You Like Ball Shots!

UFC 147 took place on Saturday night, just 24 hours after UFC on FX 4. In a turn of events that surprised precisely no one, it ended up being a horrible, horrible idea to put on two events in two days. What's more, a terrible card on paper ended up being even worse in execution. And this was an event that UFC charged people money for. If you enjoy people getting kicked in the nuts, though, boy was this the show for you. To see a representation of the entire show in one convenient GIF, hit the jump.


(via @ZProphet_MMA of Iron Forges Iron)

It was nut shots all night long. Wall to wall ball busters. Guys gettin' dinged in the dinger. Awful fighters in lousy fights, bringing new meaning to the term "hackey sack." There were a minimum of five tallywhacker whacks during the PPV. And yet none of them had the joie de vivre or the elan of Brett Favre getting hit in the dong with a football.

The main event of Wanderlei Silva vs. Rich Franklin (pictured above) was fun and a good fight, but that didn't make up for the hours of lousiness that we were subjected to leading up to it. If two declining fighters concuss one another one more time on a crummy card that most people forgot about, does it make a sound? It made at least one sound: me going "UUUUUUGGHHHHHH" as the card kept sucking.

Stop running so many events, so close together, UFC. Wait, strike that. If you want to keep putting better fights on free TV and worse fights on PPV, I'm cool with that. You clearly don't have an interest in making money any more.