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Sharks Coach Todd McLellan Healthy, In Good Spirits At Draft, According To Report

Todd McLellan was in attendance at the 2012 NHL Draft, and Kevin Kruz at CSN Bay Area reports that the coach looked and sounded significantly better than he had at the end of the season. That's to be expected, as he had time to recover from the concussion he sustained in late February and now has a lot more job security than he had as of the Sharks elimination at the hands of St. Louis in April. Comments from McLellan on that and more after the jump.

A noticeably slimmer McLellan talked dealing with a concussion:

"That was tough for me because I lived the concussion part of it for the rest of the season. I had headaches, and lived on Tylenol for the most part," he said. "I went for a physical at the end of the year, and obviously had to make some changes to get healthier and to help that process. I’ve done that now over the summer, and I feel pretty good and ready to go....[The weightloss] was part of it. I had to get to the point where I didn’t live on Tylenol all the time. Some of that comes with the stress of coaching and the games and all that type of stuff. Once the year is over there is less of that. You get a little more rest. That was the big part, just dealing with it the right way."

McLellan was asked about possible additions to the coaching staff, and while he wouldn't rule any out he did say:

"In my mind, I felt very good about the things that we’ve accomplished here and moving forward, and I felt very confident about our group moving forward," McLellan said. "I was confident in the job that we’ve done and we can do moving forward."

The Sharks coach appeared to be in good spirits and optimistic about the team's future, and he was able to meet four of the six men drafted by the organization. Hopefully that optimism will carry him all the way to next season and set the Sharks towards a better result than they obtained this year.

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