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Jeremy Lin Could Play In San Francisco Pro-Am Summer League

Linsanity is returning to the Bay Area! At least for a few days this summer. The San Francisco Chronicle fills you in on the details, which has NBA/NCAA stars like Matt Barnes, Drew Gordon and Dorell Wright also participating. Lin is supposedly spending much of the offseason in Palo Alto, so it would make sense for him to participate in this league when he has the appropriate time.

Lin is listed as one of the members of the South Bay Spartans along with current Knicks teammate Landry Fields (who went to school at Stanford), but don't expect him to be a regular. This isn't exactly the most urgent thing on this schedule anymore, and top-notch players of his caliber aren't likely to be around on a regular basis.

Discuss Lin with Knicks fans over at Posting and Toasting. Check out the SB Nation NBA YouTube channel below to see if you'd be willing to subscribe to watch further videos.