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French Open 2012: Rafael Nadal Beats Novak Djokovic For Record 7th Championship

Rafael Nadal won his seventh French Open title on Monday, a record. He defeated Novak Djokovic in four sets, with the third set being the only set he lost in the entire 2012 tournament. He was down 2-1 in the fourth set when play was suspended due to rain on Sunday, but he came back with a fury on Monday, leaving the final scores at 6-4, 6-3, 2-6 and 7-5.

Djokovic had the lead in the set when play began on Monday, but Nadal was quick to tie things and pull ahead. Djokovic tied it at 3-3, but Nadal pulled ahead again. Djokovic tied it at four, and Nadal pulled ahead yet again. Djokovic tied it one more time, but Nadal took the next two games to win the championship. Incredibly, his victory in the final game came on a double fault by Djokovic, that bit of bad luck costing Djokovic his bid to hold all four majors in one year, something not done since Rod Laver in 1969.

Nadal's record setting seventh win at Roland Garros is part of his 11 Grand Slam wins overall, and marks the fifth time he faced Djokovic in a Grand Slam final. A complete scoreboard for the tournament can be found at

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