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Andre Ward, Chad Dawson Make Appearance At Pacquiao Vs. Bradley

Saturday night's championship boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley turned bizarre and is almost certainly going to go down as one of the most controversial judge decisions in the history of boxing. But before all of that, Oakland native Andre Ward and Chad Dawson appeared at the MGM Grand arena to talk to the announcers and hype their September fight at the Oracle Arena.

Isaac Estrada of Real Boxing News relayed some of the comments from Ward and Dawson. The main takeaway is that the two fighters consider their Oakland bout to be an even trade. Although Dawson will need to drop seven pounds to challenge Ward, Dawson feels that Ward putting his super middleweight trophy on the line makes it a fair deal.

In perhaps a bit of strange foreshadowing, Jeff Powell of the Daily Mail said that Ward was eerily prescient on Saturday night.

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