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Matt Cain Is MLB's Most Underrated Pitcher According to SI Player's Poll

According to a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated, survey results from a sample of 293 players in the MLB said that the San Francisco Giants' Matt Cain is the most underrated pitcher in baseball. Often overshadowed by Giants ace Tim Lincecum, Cain is off to a solid start in 2012, compiling a 5-2 record and a 2.79 ERA. Cain also ranks sixth in strikeouts in the NL with 66 K's. The seven-year veteran has made all-star apperances in two of the past three seasons and finished eighth in NL Cy Young voting last season.

Though he may be underrated in the eyes of fans and his colleagues in the MLB, the San Francisco Giants realized his worth and displayed their appreciation for his pitching when they extended his contract to a lucrative five-years with $11.25 million in guaranteed money through 2017.

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