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Pete Prisco Ranks The 49ers At No. 6 In NFL Power Rankings

CBS Sportsline's Pete Prisco has gotten a head start on the NFL season by dropping an NFL Power Rankings based on each team's offseason so far. As it stands now, Prisco stands among a very small number of doubters that the San Francisco 49ers can repeat their performance from last season and puts them at no. 6 in his rankings.

Prisco isn't questioning the defense or the running game but specifically points out that he doesn't trust the passing game.

That's you, Alex Smith.

For all Smith did last year to make him at least sort of resemble the quarterback the Niners thought they were getting at no. 1 overall in the Aaron Rodgers draft, there are still skeptics that he will continue to get better. His own team looked to replace him this offseason so it isn't like they have every confidence in the world in him. Nevertheless, the weapons are there and available in the offense and all Smith has to do is limit his mistakes and make the big play when it presents itself.

But until he proves he can do that once again, guys like Prisco will continue to keep the Niners on the outside looking in at the Super Bowl.