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2012 Kentucky Derby Payouts: I'll Have Another To Win Pays $32.60, The Exacta Pays $48,046.40

With the 2012 Kentucky Derby over and done with, naturally it is time to consider the true implications of the contest, namely, what those lucky enough to pick the winner stand to gain. From Chuchill Downs:

  • $2 on I'll Have Another to win / place / show: $32.60 / 13.80 / 9.00
  • $2 on Bodemeister to place / show: $6.20 / 5.60
  • $2 on Dullahan to show: $7.20
  • $2 on I'll Have Another / Bodemeister Exacta: $306.60
  • $1 on I'll Have another / Bodemeister / Dullahan Trifecta: $1532.80
  • $1 on I'll Have another / Bodemeister / Dullahan / Went The Day Well Exacta: $48,046.40

Take a moment to consider what you might be able to do with such princely sums, and then take another moment to curse your luck. Then head over to SB Nation's horse racing blog And Down The Stretch They Come, so that next time you'll be all studied up and all that cash will be yours.

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