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Ralph Barbieri Considering Moving To 97.5 The Game?

Ralph Barbieri recently saw a long tenure with KNBR suddenly ended, a move that has promptly brought upon a potential law suit and endless media speculation on what Barbieri's next move will be. The long-time radio host recently spoke with Dennis O'Donnell and addressed a wide range of topics. The most interesting and perplexing one?

A move to 97.5 FM The Game could be possible in the coming months. Or at least O'Donnell speculated on it. Here is a snippet from the interview, courtesy of Bay Area Sports Guy:

Barbieri: I don't want to work ... until I get back from Europe. I'm going to Europe with Tate for the whole month of July.

O'Donnell: You're dodging the question. Do you want to work at 95.7?

Barbieri: I've never even talked with anyone at 95.7.

O'Donnell: See, I'm being Ralph. You're dodging the question, I'm going to give it to you again. You want to keep doing talk radio, right?

Barbieri: KNBR was concerned about 95.7.

O'Donnell: Are they?

Barbieri: They were and they have been, yeah. That's one of the things that has made them a little bit crazy...

The two concluded the interview without much else being said, but things did get pretty juicy in that transcript. 97.5 FM has slowly been gaining ground on KNBR as the top sports radio option in the Bay Area, and the addition of Barbieri would certainly be big for them. Again, nothing has been decided, but it does seem like Barbieri is interested in returning to talk radio.

For continued updates on the possible switch, follow the SB Nation Bay Area StoryStream.