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America's Cup 2013: San Francisco Officials Head To Rhode Island For Race Ideas, Impacts

The 2013 America's Cup will certainly draw some big crowds to the city of San Francisco, but is also going to be a huge revenue-stream for the city as well, meaning that city officials must ensure that everything is in order and functioning properly month and months ahead of the actual event.

That's why San Francisco Port Commission president Doreen Woo Ho and vice president Kimberly Brandon will be heading to Newport, R.I. at the end of June to get some 'preliminary information and observations' about the event from one of it's previous host cities to ensure the success of the America's Cup race in the city by the Bay.

"Each time the races are held, the host city learns more about the impacts and behaviors of the visitors," Jane Sullivan from San Francisco's Office of Economic and Workforce Development told the Examiner. "Since San Francisco will be hosting these races in 2012 and 2013, it is key that we learn as much as possible so that all our plans (transportation, public safety, marketing and promotions, youth involvement, etc.) deliver a positive experience for residents, local businesses and visitors."

A much larger group travelled to San Diego last year for similar purposes during a 'tune-up' yacht competition in San Diego Bay.

San Francisco will play host to the preliminary America's Cup stages later this year from Aug. 21-26 and Oct. 4-7. The America's Cup race itself begins on July 4, 2013 and ends September 22.

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