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Barry Bonds Hopes To Coach For San Francisco Giants Organization

Barry Bonds told reporters on Monday that he is seriously pursuing a coaching position with the San Francisco Giants organization.

The all-time home run leader began discussions with Giants President and CEO Larry Baer in April. According to USA Today MLB writer Bob Nightengale, the Giants plan on hiring Bonds after all of his legal proceedings are over. Bonds' lawyers are appealing Bonds' conviction for obstruction of justice when he lied under oath over eight years ago.

While Bonds may not have the reputation of being the best teammmate during his playing career, it could not hurt the Giants organization by having perhaps the best home run hitter of all-time help out the organization's hitters at both the major league and minor league levels.

Bonds also told reporters he is not worrying himself about his Hall of Fame chances, but that he would be "sad" if he did not make it in.

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