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UFC 146 Results: Should Cain Velasquez Look For His Rematch Against Junior Dos Santos Right Away?

During UFC 146 on Saturday, Bay Area fighter Cain Velasquez looked spectacular dismantling Antonio Silva. It was the first fight for Velasquez since losing his UFC Heavyweight Championship to Junior dos Santos in November.

In the main event -- and the very next fight on the card -- dos Santos looked every inch as impressive as he manhandled former champ Frank Mir in his first title defense. Dos Santos looks unbeatable in the heavyweight division. Velasquez looked unbeatable against Silva. A rematch between Velasquez and dos Santos seems inevitable ... but would that be the best thing for Velasquez?

Make no mistake: Velasquez is a terrifying, dominant and supremely talented fighter. He would hands-down be the best heavyweight in the division ... if not for dos Santos. Velasquez has a chance of beating dos Santos but it seems very unlikely.

While this certainly isn't a popular opinion, it would behoove Velasquez to not force the issue of a rematch and wait until someone topples dos Santos or finds a significant flaw. UFC will likely string along the fans for a while with the promise of a rematch in order to build hype and anticipation, which is good. But Velasquez should be hoping that someone cleans dos Santos' clock before that rematch goes down.

Given how the two fighters look right at this moment, dos Santos is clearly a step above Velasquez. Cain clearly wants a rematch as soon as possible, but it would be in his best interests to step back and see how the dos Santos era plays out for a while longer.

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