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NFL Popularity Rankings: Oakland Raiders Rank As 12th Most Popular NFL Team

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The Oakland Raiders ranked as the 12th most popular team in the NFL, according to ESPN Sports Polls. That puts them well in the top half of the league but lower than some might have expected, given the enthusiasm of your average Raider fan. 2.5% of poll respondents named the Silver & Black as their favorite team.

See where the Raiders stack up against the San Francisco 49ers and others after the jump.

Bay Area rivals the San Francisco 49ers sit above the Raiders, at number eight with 4.0% of people naming them as their favorite. AFC West rivals the Denver Broncos also fared better than the Raiders, taking the number 10 spot with 3.8% of fans. The Kansas City Chiefs came in 17th with 1.6% of fans, and the San Diego Chargers were the lowest ranked AFC West team in 20th place with 1.5% of fans.

The poll involves 1,500 monthy telephone interviews with a nationally representative sample of Americans 12 or older. Since 1994, the survey has reached 390,000 fans. The full rankings are available here.

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