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San Jose State Hires Gene Bleymaier As New Athletic Director

Gene Bleymaier has been synonymous with Boise State athletics for most of the past 30 years. Now he gets a new start down in the Bay Area with Boise's rivals, the San Jose State Spartans. Bleymaier was announced as the new athletic director earlier today.

Here's more on Bleymaier from the press release.

Bleymaier has been recognized nationally for his leadership. He received the prestigious Bobby Dodd Athletic Director of the Year Award in 2011. He was one of five nominees for the Street and Smith’s Sports Business Journal and Sports Business Daily Athletic Director of the Year for 2010, and the only nominee from a non-automatic qualifying Bowl Championship Series school. Bleymaier left Boise State in September 2011, after the NCAA uncovered compliance violations.

“I know people will raise concerns about NCAA compliance issues during Gene’s tenure at Boise State,” President Qayoumi said. “Let me assure you I shared those same concerns. After thoroughly discussing these issues with the NCAA and Gene, and considering Gene’s extraordinary 30-year career, I am confident he is the right choice for San José State.”

Bleymaier, 58, has signed a five-year contract setting his state salary at $220,092, the same amount as his predecessor. Bleymaier will also receive an annual supplement of $102,000 from the Tower Foundation, which will raise funds from private donors for this purpose.

Bleymaier had served as Boise State's athletic director for the past three decades before being forced to step down due to an ongoing NCAA investigation. His tenure as athletic director has been a successful one, as Boise has made a few BCS bowl games and won numerous WAC conference championships. Boise State is already in the process of moving to the Big East as well.

Bleymaier is also responsible for the Smurf Turf at Boise, for those of you who always wonder what planet you're on when you're watching the Broncos.

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