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Shane Del Rosario Wants To Be 'A Force' In UFC, And Soon

Shane del Rosario is a California fighter who has fought in three Strikeforce events and three ShoXC events. He's a heavyweight fighter who suffered a back injury in a car accident in 2011 that kept him out of action for the year. He'll make his UFC debut at UFC 146 on Saturday, taking on Stipe Miocic. The UFC wants del Rosario to come in and impress, since he's 11-0 and the division can always use another threat. Luckily, del Rosario is not lacking in confidence.

Steph Daniels at Bloody Elbow brings us some comments from del Rosario's recent interview on Tapout Radio.

Thoughts On Heavyweight Division

I think it's finally a full division now. Before it was always, 'The UFC guys are the best' or 'The Strikeforce guys are the best', but now, everyone is pooled in the same place. Now everyone is fighting each other. There are so many great guys. I think Dos Santos is a great champion. There's Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir, who is not only a great fighter, but is a seasoned veteran. I think with all of us being in the same place, it's going to make for some great fights over the next couple years.

Plans For The Future

I've sparred with the likes of Junior dos Santos, Brock Lesnar and Pat Barry, and I was able to hold my own with those guys. I think my game is up there, and obviously, with some more fights to get back into the swing of things, I think I'm definitely going to be a force in the UFC. I think after three fights, I'll definitely be looking to be a contender. I think I've paid my dues, and now it's my time to shine. I'm looking forward to showing everyone that I'm the real deal.

Click over to Bloody Elbow for more comments. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to see if del Rosario can back up his boasts and indeed become a force in short order.

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