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Indy 500 2012: Record Heat Forecast For Sunday's Race

Via the local Indiana Fox affiliate, we learn that fans and drivers who show up for Sunday's Indy 500 may be dealing with record heat.

If the current forecast holds, it could reach 94 degrees during the race with a 100 degree heat index, which factors in humidity. That would shatter the previous race day record of 92 degrees set in 1937, and could also break a 101 year record for the day.


"I experienced mid 80's to high 80's and it wasn't bad," said Johnny Parsons Jr. who has driven in the race 12 times.

Parsons last raced in 1996, but he said current drivers and their crews are better equipped than ever with hydration during the race.

Drivers like the Bay Area's J.R. Hildebrand have an entire team to look after them, the fans in the stands aren't so lucky. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway will make efforts to make the heat bearable, setting up extra cooling fans, misting stations, and two large walk-through cooling stations from the Indianapolis Fire Department.

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