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Golden State Warriors Headed To San Francisco, Pier 30/32 Site, According To Report

It looks as if the rumors will come true. The Golden State Warriors will soon be taking a trip across the Bay, if the Warriors Fast Break blog by the San Jose Mercury News is to be believed.

If this is true, this is probably the best possible move to keep the Warriors moving in the right direction.

Although the Warriors have a fairly modern (if not quite cutting-edge) arena in Oakand, the site is perhaps the worst of all the major NBA teams, as Deep East Oakland is probably the most run-down neighborhood in the urban part of the Bay Area. Moving to San Francisco makes perfect sense from a financial perspective, and also ensures that the Warriors should remain in the Bay for the near future. Having a team in San Francisco as opposed to Oakland could help attract more marquee free agents and increase the chances of the team making significant.

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