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Bay To Breakers 2012: Weather Forecast Shows Warm, Sunny Day For Race

Sunday brings the 101st Annual Bay to Breakers, the Bay Area's noted foot race/party. Here's what to expect from the local climate, according to

Temperature: 55 °F as the race begins, rising to a high of 66 °F
Precipitation: 0% chance of rain throughout the race
Winds: West, 10-20mph
UV Index: 9 - Very High

The race begins sunday at 7:00 PDT at the intersection of Beale and Howard in the Embarcadero. With the number of people participating, the race will be started in waves. It is expected to last until around midday. Floats and alcohol have been banned within the race itself, but as the route winds through San Francisco it is fair to say that a celebratory atmosphere is anticipated.

For more information on the race, including music and festival information, can be found on the official Zazzle Bay to Breakers website. You can find road closure and public transportation info here.

For all news and information about Bay to Breakers, please stay tuned to updates in this StoryStream. Also please feel free to visit SB Nation's running blog, Stride Nation.

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