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49ers Football: Jim Harbaugh Gives Huge Praise To Michael Crabtree

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Head coaches in the NFL seldom hand out big-time compliments to their players. Or at least not in a public manner. Despite a very successful debut season as a head coach in 2011, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh had some pretty big things to say about young wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Coach Harbaugh has been around the game for many years, and has played and coached many greats. According to him, though, no one has better hands than Crabtree does.

"Crab's got the best hands I've ever seen on a wide receiver." -- That quote according to

The coach who famously shies away from making comparisons made quite a statement Friday while talking about his leading receiver from the 2011 regular season.

Coach Jim Harbaugh said three-year veteran Michael Crabtree has the best hands he has ever seen.

For some perspective . . . Marvin Harrison was his favorite target in Harbaugh's last two seasons with the Indianapolis Colts. Jerry Rice and Tim Brown were with the Raiders during Harbaugh's two seasons in Oakland as an assistant.

Coach Harbaugh did not go on to say that Crabtree was the best receiver he's ever seen, but you would be hard pressed to find a head coach with more confidence in his guys than he is. Harbaugh may not always show public displays of affection for his players, but it is clear that he is dedicated to winning and is a master motivator on the practice fields and on Sundays.

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