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Nick Diaz No-Shows BJJ Grappling Charity Event

Nick Diaz has been suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and is filing a lawsuit against them, but has still managed to find the time to disappoint some mixed martial arts fans on Saturday.

Anton Tabuena reports that Diaz was scheduled to have a grappling match against Braulio Estima on Saturday at the World Jiujitsa Expo in Long Beach. The superfight was meant to be the main event, with Diaz's purse having been promised to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

The only problem is that Diaz never showed, leaving Estima waiting in the ring for a match that never materialized. No reason has been giving for Diaz's absence from the event.

For his part, Estima voiced his displeasure at Diaz's lack of professionalism and revealed that he was willing to take the fight even though Diaz had come in over weight.

Add a new wrinkle to the Nick Diaz saga. Win, lose, or suspended, he'll always keep the fighting world on its toes.

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