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Scott Coker Believes Strikeforce Will Continue To Air On Showtime For Years

Strikeforce may be moving all of its heavyweights over to UFC, but the promotion is still around and putting together events. On May 19, Strikeforce will present its latest event on Showtime, live from San Jose, as per usual. You may not have heard about this event, because basically no one has. That doesn't stop the man in charge of Strikeforce from thinking big things about the future of the company.

Tim Burke at Bloody Elbow reports that Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker remains extremely optimistic about the staying power of Strikeforce and their continued relationship with the cable company that has been their home for years.

"We have a great relationship with Showtime, I think we have provided great fights with great ratings. I think you’ll continue to see Strikeforce on Showtime for many years to come."

Kudos to Scott Coker for always looking on the bright side. He would probably know better than we would about what the future holds for Strikeforce, right?

Meanwhile, what will you all be doing on May 19? Other than "not watching this Strikeforce show," I mean.

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