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Coby Fleener Talks About Reuniting With Andrew Luck In the Pros

Tight end Coby Fleener was Colts' 2nd pick in last weekend's NFL Draft, in an apparent (and logical) effort to relocate the chemistry between their first pick, Andrew Luck, and his go-to tight end from their days at Stanford together to Indianapolis. Fleener caught 60 passes and 17 touchdowns from Luck over the last two seasons, and the Colts are obviously looking to make the first overall pick's transition to the NFL as smooth as possible by bringing in his favorite target. It doesn't hurt that Fleener was this draft class' top ranked tight end.

When asked recently about their reunion in Indy, Fleener responded:

"We knew it was a possibility, but at the same time, Andrew basically said, ‘I don't know what their game plan is. Obviously you have my support but it's ultimately up to them.' Thankfully I saw the Indianapolis area code when I got my phone ringing and I was happy as could be."

Just how surprised was Fleener?

"I had no idea what teams were interested and what weren't. I met with 14 teams at the Combine and met with a bunch of coaches as well outside of that - probably close to all 32 teams. And so it was tough for me to tell. Some teams try to throw you off by meeting with you, throw other people off by meeting with you, and you just never really know."

In the end, the Colts were fortunate that the talented tight end fell into the 2nd round, and they didn't hesitate to select him. It should be interesting to see if they can carry-over some of the success they had at Stanford into the pros.

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