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Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2012: A Pictorial Retrospective

We had earlier announced that the 2012 edition of San Francisco's Bring Your Own Big Wheel race would be going down on Easter Sunday. We encouraged anyone attending to document this most crucial of sporting events and luckily, someone came through and sent us some enlightening pictures that made us feel like we were a part of the action. See those photos, along with the requisite commentary, on the other side of the jump.

There were apparently "no winners or losers," which sounds fishy, considering the magnitude of the event, but the details will be better left to the historians.

All photos courtesy of a friend on Facebook.


Look how much fun everyone is having! Wheeeeee!


Counting and spelling luminary and honorary grand marshal Elmo blows kisses to his adoring public as he pilots the pace big wheel down the track.


The competition was fierce and the turns were hairpin.


The agony of defeat.


Unconfirmed, but this is might very well be the famous Batting Stance Guy. Either him or Gabe Kaplan.


Noted cheese-meat-cheese-cheese-meat enthusiast Jack took some time out of his schedule as CEO of Jack in the Box to participate in the ... wait, that isn't a big wheel. What makes these corporate fatcats think they can get away with these flagrant rule violations?


Here are some common people also flouting the "big wheel" guideline, but I suppose it's all in the spirit of the thing. Please do not allow the gentleman to appears to be foot-pedaling a tiny car while wearing a "Luckamania" shirt and bandanna distract you from the fellow on the right, who is clad in a brown-and-beige houndstooth jumpsuit. Please look up the definition of "going full H.A.M." and I believe you will find your Webster's Dictionary says "wearing a brown-and-beige houndstooth jumpsuit."


Baseball cannot come close to matching the BYOBW 12 in bridging the distances between generations. Particularly if one covers one's helmet and handlebars with tinfoil.


Haha hoooooooly crap.


In Soviet Russia, bananas chase monkey!


Things got hot and heavy at various points, but it was clear that the event was a rousing success among sports fans and general goofballs alike. From a Yankees fan to a 49ers fan to a guy dressed entirely in tinsel, it was a race for the ages.

For all news and information regarding the Bring Your Own Big Wheel race, please visit SB Nation's dedicated Big Wheel hub.